Solar Bankability Data to Advance Transactions and Access (SB-DATA) Orange Button

Support the DOE Orange Button effort.

Provide prototype shareware application for administering and monitoring construction of solar projects utilizing both the XBRL/FIBO Company Profile and IECRE 61724 Solar System Performance Data Set.

Provide prototype shareware application for administering and monitoring IECRE 61724 Solar System Performance Data Set.

The world is changing at an accelerating rate.  For future graduates to be successful the educational curriculum must not end at graduation, but provide the foundation for embracing changing conditions, empowering flexibility and enabling innovation so graduates are prepared for the demands of the future, not the past.

The Center for Data Interoperability is a public private partnership for collaboration on innovations and/or projects that:

Serve communities, public agencies and private entities with publicly accessible resources and research to enable development of commercially viable products and services that would not have been possible without the required data interoperability.

Helps small business by leveraging the efficiency of data interoperability to improve access to surety and bank credit.

Promote clean energy through data analytics.

Leverage data interoperability to make solar more bankable.

Promote efficiency and improved risk management in the construction of energy and transportation projects.

Promote the transition from expensive manual paper based processes to low cost efficient and secure digital transactions, from financial reporting to electronic surety bonds.

Lammers Road

A proposed pilot project for how a DOT and a private business park, Tracy Gateway, can leverage project funding transparency and the transition to data interoperability for improved risk management while helping small business.

The objective is to convert the current text data from Caltrans and VDOT into a machine-readable format like XBRL or FIBO to enable data analytics for improved project administration and predicative analytics for risk mitigation.  

The machine readable data will provide the DOT compliance to the DATA Act which will be required to secure federal funding for projects.

The machine-readable format like XBRL or FIBO will enable data analytics for improved project administration and predicative analytics for risk mitigation on private construction project like a busness park.


​XBRL Contest

AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico

To promote collaboration for data interoperability in the construction of energy and transportation projects with the Associated General Contractors of America, and the California Chapter.



Center for data interoperability


 Jerry Hight
 Director, Strategic Initiatives
 Office of the Provost
 California State University,  Chico
 P: 530-898-4508
 C: 530-521-5803

 K. Dixon Wright

 Alumni Advisor

Quote from Thomas Friedman review​ of Thank You for Being Late.

Friedman concludes that nations and individuals must learn to be fast (innovative and quick to adapt), fair (prepared to help the casualties of change), and slow (adept at shutting out the noise and accessing their deepest values). 

California Energy Commission

Local Government Challenge

To provide the City of Chico, its residents and businesses with energy bench marking to promote transition to clean energy.

Our submission was disqualified due to many of our collaborators being from out of state, but the process of preparing the submission was very productive, and created the conceptual foundation for the On Bill Finance project.



eXtensible Business Reporting Language - Construction Energy Transportation

To promote an educational opportunity for students interested in the business of construction.

To provide non-commercial shareware prototype applications to promote open standards and interoperability to improve access to surety credit for small and emerging contractors.

Small Business Administration

Surety Bond Program

To promote the use of the SBA surety program by identifying all the data elements used in the various application forms and reports and incorporating those data fields into XBRL and FIBO to enable data interoperability with the SBA.

 To provide a prototype shareware application that can generate all of the SBA forms and reports as a machine-readable file. 


STEM Educational Program at CSU Chico

To provide students with hands on experience working on issues of national significance.

To provide a collaboration platform for public private partnerships utilizing the university as a neutral resource.


Data Interoperabilty App Exchange

Provide a way for stakeholders to download programming code to encourage engagement and collaboration in the development of data interoperability.



On Bill Finance

To provide utility customers the opportunity to utilize the On Bill Finance structure for securing low cost financing under a Surety Based Risk Management Program enabled by data interoperability.

Promotes construction of solar projects.

Helps provide compliance to SB350 and AB802

Provides the utility customer and stakeholders with construction performance data

Provides the utility and statekholders with IECRE 61724 system performance data.   Link

Smart Grid Interoperabilty Panel

Priority Action Plan 25


To promote data interoperability in the building of the national energy infastructure, the Samrt Grid.


DOE Data by Design