Join the Interoperability Cause! 

Chico State has been at the center of the data interoperability movement for more than a decade and is well positioned to serve as a catalyst in promoting open standards utilization within the construction industry, and more specifically within the crusade afoot to establish solar “bankability” data sets and analytics.  

Our institutional priority in conceptualizing the Center for Data Interoperability is in providing both the interdisciplinary intellectual expertise and the student person-power to develop and disseminate value-added innovation to our partners.  

Our aims toward this end align closely with those mandates articulated in California Senate Bill 350 and serves as a robust environment for student discovery and skill application by providing real-world challenges.  

The Internet of Things-Data Interoperability provides the context to take this beyond our institutional walls and collaborate with other national leaders in developing solutions to these vexing and complex problem sets.  

As such, we welcome all stakeholders and contributors to the table with the invitation to join forces with “Team Chico” to further accelerate innovation and adoption.

We are looking for your help and here’s how you can join the cause:


  • Join Team Chico in an advisory capacity, provide guidance and mentoring for Team Chico projects and involved students.
  • Facilitate student engagement within your industrial sector and/or within your company
  • Encourage your software providers to engage and to accept an import of a Company Profile in XML (or XBRL) from a subcontractor or vendor
  • Facilitate internship experiences for our students
  • Add our graduates to your pool of prospective employees.


  • Help us keep our courses relevant and current by adding your industrial expertise in the classroom lecture and within laboratory and/or research environment.
  • Collaborate and contribute to on-going research and discovery in collaboration with Team Chico faculty and students. 
  • Add your unique perspective and skill-set to this interdisciplinary team of experts and novices.


  • Support Team Chico with your philanthropic and corporate allocations.  
  • Incentivize student participation in this initiative through scholarship and competition support.  
  • Subscribe and use the CHICO common-app within your business.

True data interoperability portends unimagined efficiencies and financial gains in a wide array of industrial sectors.  Our first forays here within the context of the federally sponsored Green – and Orange – button initiatives will serve as a springboard in readily addressing emerging needs in these other sectors.  Chico State’s Center for Data Interoperability provides a “neutral test-bed” for developed innovations that can be readily disseminated to a robust network of industry partners who hold a rich history of collaboration with the campus.

Come join the interoperability cause!

Ben Witt
Development Officer
College of Business 
California State University Chico


California State University Chico

College of Engineering, Computer Science, & Construction Management

College of Business

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