IoT - Data Interoperability for Solar Bankability

IOT - Data Interoperability for Transportation Construction

Educational STEM Program at CSU Chico


Educational opportunity for students interested in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with a hands-on project to:

K. Dixon Wright 

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Jerry Hight

CSU Chico

STEM Program - Diversity  2:53 minutes

K. Dixon Wright

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California Energy Commission

Local Government Challenge

Overview 3:27 minutes

​Develop a Salesforce version of the original Chico Common App to establish a multi-industry Common Application that improves access to surety and bank credit for small business, with a focus on veteran owned companies, including pre-qualification to general contractors and project owners, on solar installation opportunities where surety and capital requirements might have been a barrier.  


Develop data analytics for solar systems utilizing IECRE 61724 that can quantify past performance, predict future issues, and mange a portfolio of solar projects efficiently and cost effectively thereby making solar more bankable. 

Develop data analytics for construction activity utilizing XBRL/FIBO and agcXML that monitor construction performance, predict future issues, and mange a portfolio of construction projects efficiently and cost effectively thereby improving access to surety credit. 

Create the foundation for development of commercial software.

XBRL-CET Working Group Meeting

​Planning Session for STEM Program

March 23, 2017

Charlie Isaacs


STEM Program - Diversity  3:07 Minutes

The resulting free shareware application posted on the Salesforce App Exchanges, along with awareness of commercial applications for even more options, will give all stakeholders a quick and cost effective way to implement secure reliable data exchange to improve access to funding for solar projects, and to enable the development of financial products tailored for the solar industry that are responsive, predictable and reliable for better risk management for utilities, other stakeholders, and to improve solar bankability. 

While the focus may be on solar, the Common Application will will apply to any business, and any surety bond.

Collaboration network of individuals, public agencies, private entities and future graduates to support the successful implementation of the federal Blue, Green and Orange Button data interoperability objectives.

While the CHICO Common App is an educational platform that will be distributed as shareware to promote STEM education and data interoperability, it will also provide the foundation for development of commercial applications and students are encouraged to submit their business proposals to various funding sources to explore if innovative concepts are viable and worthy of investment.

There are no intellectual Property constraints with the CHICO Common App.

Easy as 1 2 3

Step One
Update the old 2009 ASP platform Chico Common App into a modern Salesforce App that can be shared on the Salesforce App Exchange to help promote data interoperability by reducing the cost for stakeholder implementation with free shareware that can be modified by stakeholders into their own proprietary resource.

     Spreadsheet with CHICO Common App data fields linked to 2014 XBRL Taxonomy 

Step Two
Take the IECRE 61724 Data Set for Solar System Performance spreadsheet with a column of data field names with XML tags and create a simple database for administering the data from multiple solar systems and create basic tools for analyzing and trending performance, with the ability to export/import in XML and/or XBRL (with data fields already in the XBRL Taxonomy).

     Spreadsheet with 9-27-16 Draft of IECRE 61724 Data Fields with XML tags

Step Three
Enable that simple database to administer a solar installation construction company, including the "Work on Hand" Report with the ability to export/ import in both XML and XBRL following the process and procedure for the "Work on Hand Data Set" that resulted from the recent XBRL US review process.