Lammers Road Interchange

While the focus of the Orange Button and SGIP PAP25 is on construction of energy related projects, the same attributes apply to all construction and modeled after Caltrans and VDOT posting of project progress information.  Which is behind the XBRL working group having the follow on CET for Construction Energy and Transportation.

XBRL-CET has identified the Lammers Road Interchange as a pilot for transportation projects, and can help public agencies like the City of Tracy and Caltrans comply with the DATA Act while helping small business

The proposal would be to have the project funded as part of a pilot, and to have the general contractor use the same XBRL data fields for submitting progress payments as Caltrans and the City of Tracy use to report to the federal government under the DATA Act using the same XBRL data fields.

For More information go to the XBRL-CET Website.