November 4, 2016

Wells Fargo Orange Button Grants to California State University Chico and SunSpec Alliance

Wells Fargo Orange Button Grants

The technical work of SunSpec Alliance, along with industry partners Enterprise Data Management (FIBO) and XBRL US, supporting the STEM educational program at CSU Chico will promote more solar installations and clean energy nationwide, with educational programs that attract a wide range of diverse students to explore technology fields because they can be very rewarding, fight climate change, promote clean energy and still be fun.

The money from Wells Fargo will fund the project at CSU Chico to build a prototype shareware Salesforce App that can be a catalyst for a multi-industry open standards based Common App to improve access to surety and bank credit, along with a Data Analytics App for Solar System Performance Monitoring, with the technical data standards themselves under the guidance of SunSpec Alliance in cooperation with XBRL US and the EDM Council (FIBO).

The goal of the DOE Orange Button is to make solar more bankable, and promote innovative products and services.  This Wells Fargo funding reflects efforts towards that end.

Any customer should be able to provide their bank with financial and project information for securing financing, and have that same information also secure surety bonds.

Same should be true when a customer completes an application for surety credit, the same information could be used for applying for bank credit line, or government assistance programs.

What is really exciting about the effort is leveraging the Orange Button effort to also improve access to surety credit for small and veteran owned businesses beyond just solar construction contracts to include any contractor for any contract, any company for any bond, and any vendor for any pre-qualification.  

Building the Smart Grid and transitioning to clean energy will involve billions of dollars with many of the world’s largest companies. By using efficiency to remove barriers and promote diversity, we are ensuring there are opportunities for every company and everyone.